Today’s Specials

Delicious prepared foods inspired by Mary and her staff. Global flavors and simple preparations of fresh and seasonal ingredients make our specials worth looking up.  

Served from 11am to 30 minutes before closing


Chicken Vegetable GS

Green Spit Pea GS V

Vegetable Mulligatawny GS V


Miso Chicken Thighs GS

Vegetable Empanadas (quinoa,carrot,peas,onion,spinach + potato) V GS

Roasted Butternut Squash with Fennel V GS

Crispy Spicy Tofu with Spinach V GS


V= Vegan
GS= Gluten-sensitive
*Our gluten-sensitive products are made with gluten-free ingredients in a facility shared with non gluten-free products.