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01 - Introduction

Branding & Marketing Strategy

January, 2019


02 - Positioning


“Causing great wonder; extraordinary.”

“Marvelous” is your essence. This is the magic behind the brand. Sometimes it takes an image to make something click.
For me, it clicked with this one.


Our Story.

The things we find solace in: ocean, air, color, seasons, bay, swimming… that’s what first brought us to the East End back in 1998 — that’s what we fell in love with in the first place. The environment gave us a feeling of comfort, and opened space for an inspirational moment in our lives: we decided to open our own business. We called it Mary’s Marvelous.

Our Product.

Organically grown. Organically Made.
Simple cooking that draws on various ethnic cuisines: spice from Mexico and Thailand; Mariana’s traditional Ecuadorian influence. Simple, made-from-scratch.

Core Values.

Food, flavors, MM team/family, community, neighbors, customers, aesthetics, space, fun, kindness, laughter.


03 - Goals

Mary’s Marvelous is such a beautiful space, one with real human interaction and energy. It’s fun and has spirit and culture. It’s genuine.

Taste it.


Feel it.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.02.14 PM.png

Keep it natural.


Don’t make it look overproduced.


Get abstract, maybe.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 11.26.03 PM.png

Be Marvelous.


04 - Graphic Content

Red is not an easy color to work with. In this case,it felt right to roll with it and embrace the red, accentuating it in the right places. Our feeling was also that you guys liked certain things that were bold, like images and big fonts, even big red fonts that we looked at. So we went bold, and red at times. We took a few directions that we wouldn’t normally go in. We brought in some illustrations because we wanted there to be a fun side to it.




Proudly feeding East Hampton since 2002 :)




Find Us, Shop




Neighborhood eatery here.


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— Jonathan L.
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Main colors


More colors with graphics

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 11.32.41 AM.png

05 - Design

The design of the website is content focused. The goal is to keep the structures of the site simple while putting all energy into design details and content. The content will be created to fit in perfectly with the design.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.35.33 PM.png

Home Page - 3 Sections
- Opening gallery
- Find us / Shop
- Our story segway
- Footer

- Daily Specials
- Coffee Bar
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Freshly Baked

- Overview
- Events we cater
- Images
- Sample menus
- Book a party

Our Story - 3 Sections
- Overview, what we do
- History, 2002
- Team and product overview


- All products
- granola. coffee, cookies, spice nuts, gift cards

Coffee Club
- Subscription

Product pages
- Image(s)
- Descriptions
- Price
- Details
- Segway to other products

- Stories in food, culture, friends, thoughts

- simple contact page

Legal/Practical (only text)
- Terms & conditions
- Shipping policy
- Privacy Policy


Explore Site


06 - Story Content

Brand photos

make them bold, strong, food-first. Clean backgrounds either black or white, incorporated in design. Only select items that will not change. Each shot has to feel magical.

FOOD - Cooking (Home) and Final shots (menu pages) - each would be the same menu item, so to see the process as you go from one page to the next.

  1. Daily Specials

  2. Coffee Bar

  3. Breakfast

  4. Lunch

  5. Freshly Baked

  6. Catering

Our Story - Natural Organic

  1. Formal non-cooking shot of Mary

  2. Shot of entire team together (to replace with summer shot later, outside building

Journal - shot of notebook with recipes.

Coffee Club - Staged product

Shop Online - Staged Products


* Make sure to use phone shots in different parts of the site
* Get old shots of when they first started
* Gather existing usable shots - edible, thriller

Brand copy

Keep copy really simple and minimal. Give it flavor. Make it fun and natural.

Home Page

  1. All photo tags

  2. Find us & Shop online

  3. Our Story Intro

Our Story

  1. History

  2. Mary’s story

  3. Team

  4. East Hampton (reminder: use image of community thing for kids


  1. Need types of parties/events

  2. all info

  3. specific details for form, etc


  1. Description

  2. Price

  3. Weight, dimensions

Coffee Club

  1. Description

  2. info


This could look really good at some point, but would be better to do in the summertime. It would be a bit of the story behind Mary’s Marvelous and about the food and product.


To discuss.


07 - Ongoing Marketing

You will soon have a website that will need more attention: products to add, blog updates, easier menu changes, etc. This will be more work, but each time you update the site, it gives you an excuse to promote something.

I would imagine your ongoing marketing to be a mix of promoting recipes, current products, new products… and… local community, East End, surf, NYC chefs, other chefs… Mary would be the voice, and she would be a knowledge source on the food scene.


Two times a month: one recipe, one branding story or other. You and Pat would make the recipe with copy and images. Each would always go on the website in blog and social media.


Bring in a million more topics. Not just food. It would include: local culture, people you love, non-profits you support, other businesses you love. And then of course your food, sometimes from the store, sometimes promoting new blog posts. You would also bring in content from all over: NYC, international chefs, etc.

You would need to start posting 2-4 times a week. Quality content, always.


Smoothies are very popular. should it have a dedicated menu, even other times of year. 

Dinner? How do we treat dinner? Should it be called “Lunch and Dinner”

We should do a store with those T shirts and illustrations